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Sunday, June 14
Tutorial: T-AM-1: Information and Communication Complexity S428 (L4)
Tutorial: T-AM-2: Concentration of Measure and Its Applications S426-427 (L4)
Tutorial: T-PM-1: Cache Networks: An Information-Theoretic View S428 (L4)
Tutorial: T-PM-2: Information Theory and Machine Learning S426-427 (L4)
18:00 - 21:00
Welcome Reception Sky100 Hong Hong Observation Deck, 
International Commerce Centre, Kowloon
Monday, June 15
08:30 - 09:30
Plenary Talk: The Multi-facets of a Data Science Project to Answer: How are Organs Formed? — Bin Yu Convention Hall (L1)
09:50 - 11:10
Mo-AM1-1: List Decoding 1 S427 (L4)
Mo-AM1-2: Cooperative MACs S224-225 (L2)
Mo-AM1-3: LPDC and Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes S428 (L4)
Mo-AM1-4: Topics in Coding and Information Theory S426 (L4)
Mo-AM1-5: Error Exponents 1 S223 (L2)
Mo-AM1-6: Gaussian Channels and Secrecy S425 (L4)
Mo-AM1-7: Capacity in Energy Harvesting Communications S227 (L2)
Mo-AM1-8: Changepoint Detection and Estimation S228 (L2)
Mo-AM1-9: Ad hoc and Wireless Networks S226 (L2)
11:30 - 12:50
Mo-AM2-1: Algebra for Coding S427 (L4)
Mo-AM2-2: Gaussian Interference Channels S224-225 (L2)
Mo-AM2-3: Finite Length Analysis of Polar codes S428 (L4)
Mo-AM2-4: Application Specific Codes S426 (L4)
Mo-AM2-5: Source-Channel Coding 1 S223 (L2)
Mo-AM2-6: Capacity and Equivocation Aspects of Secrecy S425 (L4)
Mo-AM2-7: Finite Blocklength Analysis 1 S227 (L2)
Mo-AM2-8: Advances in Signal Processing S228 (L2)
Mo-AM2-9: Fading Channels 1 S226 (L2)
14:40 - 16:20
Mo-PM1-1: Network Coding for Multiple Unicasts S427 (L4)
Mo-PM1-2: Broadcast Channels S224-225 (L2)
Mo-PM1-3: LDPC Code Analysis S428 (L4)
Mo-PM1-4: Lattice Codes 1 S426 (L4)
Mo-PM1-5: Source-Channel Coding 2 S223 (L2)
Mo-PM1-6: Boolean Functions and Cryptography S425 (L4)
Mo-PM1-7: Topics in Shannon Theory 1 S227 (L2)
Mo-PM1-8: Algorithms for Compressed Sensing S228 (L2)
Mo-PM1-9: Physical-Layer Network Coding S226 (L2)
16:40 - 18:20
Mo-PM2-1: Topics in Network Coding 1 S427 (L4)
Mo-PM2-2: The X-Channel S224-225 (L2)
Mo-PM2-3: Coding for Memory S428 (L4)
Mo-PM2-4: Big Data Analytics S426 (L4)
Mo-PM2-5: Distributed Quantum Protocols S223 (L2)
Mo-PM2-6: Key Generation and Distribution S425 (L4)
Mo-PM2-7: Information Measures S227 (L2)
Mo-PM2-8: Topics in Detection and Estimation 1 S228 (L2)
Mo-PM2-9: Queueing S226 (L2)
Tuesday, June 16
08:30 - 09:30
Plenary Talk: Locality in Coding Theory — Madhu Sudan Convention Hall (L1)
09:50 - 11:10
Tu-AM1-SP1: Semi-Plenary Session 1A Convention Hall (L1)
Tu-AM1-SP2: Semi-Plenary Session 1B S221 (L2)
11:30 - 12:50
Tu-AM2-1: Regenerating Codes 1 S427 (L4)
Tu-AM2-2: Interference Alignment 1 S224-225 (L2)
Tu-AM2-3: Spatially-Coupled Codes S428 (L4)
Tu-AM2-4: Sequence Assembly and DNA Storage S426 (L4)
Tu-AM2-5: Error Exponents 2 S223 (L2)
Tu-AM2-6: Information Theoretic Security S425 (L4)
Tu-AM2-7: Topics in Shannon Theory 2 S227 (L2)
Tu-AM2-8: Applications of Compressed Sensing 1 S228 (L2)
Tu-AM2-9: Cellular Networks S226 (L2)
13:00 - 14:50
Awards Luncheon Grand Hall (L3)
15:00 - 16:40
Tu-PM1-1: Index Coding S427 (L4)
Tu-PM1-2: Degrees of Freedom in Networks S224-225 (L2)
Tu-PM1-3: Design of LDPC Codes S428 (L4)
Tu-PM1-4: Quantum Codes S426 (L4)
Tu-PM1-5: Energy Harvesting Communications S223 (L2)
Tu-PM1-6: Wiretap Channel 1 S425 (L4)
Tu-PM1-7: Information Theory and Statistics S227 (L2)
Tu-PM1-8: Pattern Recognition and Learning S228 (L2)
Tu-PM1-9: Massive MIMO 1 S226 (L2)
17:00 - 18:20
Tu-PM2-1: Locally Repairable Codes 1 S427 (L4)
Tu-PM2-2: Relay Networks 1 S224-225 (L2)
Tu-PM2-3: On Polarization and Polar Code Construction S428 (L4)
Tu-PM2-4: Coding for Memory and Distributed Storage S426 (L4)
Tu-PM2-5: Information Theory for Biology 1 S223 (L2)
Tu-PM2-6: Secrecy in Broadcast Channels 1 S425 (L4)
Tu-PM2-7: Estimation of Distributions and Their Functionals S227 (L2)
Tu-PM2-8: Streaming and Zero-Delay Source Coding S228 (L2)
Tu-PM2-9: Scheduling in Wireless Networks S226 (L2)
18:30 - 19:15
Panel Discussion: 99 Biggest Career Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Panelists: Alex Dimakis, Elza Erkip, Madhu Sudan, Ruediger Urbanke
Moderator: Tara Javidi
S228 (L2)
19:15 - 20:15
IT Society Mentoring Reception S228 (L2)
Wednesday, June 17
08:30 - 09:30
Plenary Talk: Inside Information: Communication and Computation in the Brain — Terrence Sejnowski Convention Hall (L1)
09:50 - 11:10
We-AM1-SP1: Semi-Plenary Session 2A Convention Hall (L1)
We-AM1-SP2: Semi-Plenary Session 2B S221 (L2)
11:10 - 13:10
Recent Results Poster Session S421 (L4)
11:30 - 13:10
We-AM2-1: Distributed Storage S427 (L4)
We-AM2-2: Interference Alignment 2 S224-225 (L2)
We-AM2-3: Applications of Polar codes S428 (L4)
We-AM2-4: Construction of Sequences S426 (L4)
We-AM2-5: Multi-terminal Source Coding 1 S223 (L2)
We-AM2-6: Security in Various Settings S425 (L4)
We-AM2-7: Information Measures and Statistics S227 (L2)
We-AM2-8: Compressed Sensing and Sparsity S228 (L2)
We-AM2-9: Optical Communication and networking S226 (L2)
Thursday, June 18
08:30 - 09:30
Claude E. Shannon Lecture: The Art of Signaling — Robert Calderbank Convention Hall (L1)
09:50 - 11:10
Th-AM1-1: Coded Caching S427 (L4)
Th-AM1-2: Treating Interference as Noise S224-225 (L2)
Th-AM1-3: Coding for Flash Memory 1 S428 (L4)
Th-AM1-4: Analysis of Coding Systems S426 (L4)
Th-AM1-5: Multi-terminal Source Coding 2 S223 (L2)
Th-AM1-6: Privacy S425 (L4)
Th-AM1-7: Finite Blocklength Analysis 2 S227 (L2)
Th-AM1-8: Matrix Completion S228 (L2)
Th-AM1-9: Cognitive Communication and Sensor Networks S226 (L2)
11:30 - 12:50
Th-AM2-1: Locally Repairable Codes 2 S427 (L4)
Th-AM2-2: Multiway Relay Channels S224-225 (L2)
Th-AM2-3: LDPC Code Encoding and Analysis S428 (L4)
Th-AM2-4: Combinatorial Coding Theory S426 (L4)
Th-AM2-5: Information Theory for Biology 2 S223 (L2)
Th-AM2-6: Secrecy in Broadcast Channels 2 S425 (L4)
Th-AM2-7: Universal Source Coding S227 (L2)
Th-AM2-8: Topics in Compressed Sensing S228 (L2)
Th-AM2-9: Cooperative Communication S226 (L2)
13:00 - 14:30
Lunch with Shannon Awardee (register here) S421 (L4)
14:40 - 16:00
Th-PM1-1: Regenerating Codes 2 S427 (L4)
Th-PM1-2: Structured Codes S224-225 (L2)
Th-PM1-3: Coding for Flash Memory 2 S428 (L4)
Th-PM1-4: Applications of Coding Theory S426 (L4)
Th-PM1-5: Topics in Network Information Theory S223 (L2)
Th-PM1-6: Fading and Arbitrarily Varying Wiretap Channel S425 (L4)
Th-PM1-7: Lossy Source Coding S227 (L2)
Th-PM1-8: Dictionary Learning and Subspace Classification S228 (L2)
Th-PM1-9: Topics in Game Theory & Control S226 (L2)
16:20 - 17:20
Th-PM2-1: List Decoding 2 S427 (L4)
Th-PM2-2: Gaussian Relay Networks S224-225 (L2)
Th-PM2-3: On the Ising Model S428 (L4)
Th-PM2-4: Streaming S426 (L4)
Th-PM2-5: Estimation of Distributions and Dirty Paper Coding S223 (L2)
Th-PM2-6: Wiretap Channel 2 S425 (L4)
Th-PM2-7: Capacity Bounds S227 (L2)
Th-PM2-8: Information-Theoretic Approaches to Compressed Sensing S228 (L2)
Th-PM2-9: Fading Channels 2 S226 (L2)
19:30 - 22:00
Banquet Jumbo Kingdom, Aberdeen Harbour
Friday, June 19
08:30 - 09:30
Plenary Talk: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Proved — Rüdiger Urbanke Convention Hall (L1)
09:50 - 10:50
Fr-AM1-SP1: Semi-Plenary Session 3A Convention Hall (L1)
Fr-AM1-SP2: Semi-Plenary Session 3B S221 (L2)
11:10 - 12:50
Fr-AM2-1: Algebraic Codes S427 (L4)
Fr-AM2-2: Interference channels and networks S224-225 (L2)
Fr-AM2-3: Polarization Theory S428 (L4)
Fr-AM2-4: Lattice Codes 2 S426 (L4)
Fr-AM2-5: Feedback S223 (L2)
Fr-AM2-6: Security and Channels S425 (L4)
Fr-AM2-7: Topics in Shannon Theory 3 S227 (L2)
Fr-AM2-8: Applications of Compressed Sensing 2 S228 (L2)
Fr-AM2-9: Massive MIMO 2 S226 (L2)
14:40 - 16:20
Fr-PM1-1: Topics in Network Coding 2 S427 (L4)
Fr-PM1-2: Broadcast and Multiple Access S224-225 (L2)
Fr-PM1-3: Decoding of LDPC Codes S428 (L4)
Fr-PM1-4: Sequences S426 (L4)
Fr-PM1-5: Energy Harvesting in Fading and Multiuser Channels S223 (L2)
Fr-PM1-6: Cryptography and Secure Computing S425 (L4)
Fr-PM1-7: Quantum Shannon Theory S227 (L2)
Fr-PM1-8: Message Passing and Hypothesis Testing S228 (L2)
Fr-PM1-9: Topics in Wireless Networks S226 (L2)
16:40 - 18:00
Fr-PM2-1: Topics in Distributed Storage S427 (L4)
Fr-PM2-2: Relay Networks 2 S224-225 (L2)
Fr-PM2-3: Weight Distribution and Minimum Distance of LDPC Codes S428 (L4)
Fr-PM2-4: Topics in Coding Theory S426 (L4)
Fr-PM2-5: Topics in Detection and Estimation 2 S223 (L2)
Fr-PM2-6: Security and Correlation S425 (L4)
Fr-PM2-7: Finite Blocklength Analysis 3 S227 (L2)
Fr-PM2-8: Data Compression S228 (L2)
Fr-PM2-9: Topics in Wireless Communiction S226 (L2)