Tu-PM1-9: Massive MIMO 1

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Tuesday, June 16, 15:00 - 16:40
Location: S226 (L2)
Session Chair: Ada Poon, Stanford University
Tu-PM1-9.1: Effect of Channel Aging on the Sum Rate of Uplink Massive MIMO Systems
         Chuili Kong; Zhejiang University
         Caijun Zhong; Zhejiang University
         Anastasios Papazafeiropoulos; Imperial College London
         Michail Matthaiou; Queen's University Belfast
         Zhaoyang Zhang; Zhejiang University
Tu-PM1-9.2: Optimality of Large MIMO Detection via Approximate Message Passing
         Charles Jeon; Cornell University
         Ramina Ghods; Cornell University
         Arian Maleki; Columbia University
         Christoph Studer; Cornell University
Tu-PM1-9.3: Does Superdirectivity Increase the Degrees of Freedom in Wireless Channels?
         Ada S Y Poon; Stanford University
         David N C Tse; Stanford University
Tu-PM1-9.4: Joint Channel-and-Data Estimation for Large-MIMO Systems with Low-Precision ADCs
         Chao-Kai Wen; National Sun Yat-sen University
         Shi Jin; Southeast University
         Kai-Kit Wong; University College London
         Chang-Jen Wang; National Sun Yat-sen University
         Gang Wu; University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Tu-PM1-9.5: Interleaving Training and Limited Feedback for Point-to-Point Massive Multiple-Antenna Systems
         Erdem Koyuncu; University of California, Irvine
         Hamid Jafarkhani; University of California, Irvine