Th-AM2-3: LDPC Code Encoding and Analysis

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Thursday, June 18, 11:30 - 12:50
Location: S428 (L4)
Session Chair: Henry Pfister, Duke University
Th-AM2-3.1: Adaptive Error Correction Coding Scheme for Computations in the Noisy Min-Sum Decoder
         Chu-Hsiang Huang; University of California, Los Angeles
         Yao Li; Akamai Technologies
         Lara Dolecek; University of California, Los Angeles
Th-AM2-3.2: Parallel Encoding Algorithm for LDPC Codes Based on Block-Diagonalization
         Takayuki Nozaki; Yamaguchi University
Th-AM2-3.3: Fast Systematic Encoding of Quasi-Cyclic Codes using the Chinese Remainder Theorem
         Pavel Panteleev; Lomonosov Moscow State University
Th-AM2-3.4: An Investigation of Sudoku-Inspired Non-Linear Codes with Local Constraints
         Jossy Sayir; University of Cambridge
         Joned Sarwar; University of Cambridge