Fr-AM2-7: Topics in Shannon Theory 3

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Friday, June 19, 11:10 - 12:50
Location: S227 (L2)
Session Chair: Shlomo Shamai, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Fr-AM2-7.1: A Method for the Construction of Optimal Task Encoders
         Amos Lapidoth; ETH Zurich
         Christoph Pfister; ETH Zurich
Fr-AM2-7.2: Strong Converse Theorems for Classes of Multimessage Multicast Networks: A Renyi Divergence Approach
         Silas L. Fong; National University of Singapore
         Vincent Y. F. Tan; National University of Singapore
Fr-AM2-7.3: The Strong Data Processing Constant for Sums of I.I.D. Random Variables
         Sudeep Kamath; Princeton University
         Chandra Nair; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Fr-AM2-7.4: Detection of Graph Structures via Communications over a Multiaccess Boolean Channel
         Shuhang Wu; Tsinghua University
         Shuangqing Wei; Louisiana State University
         Yue Wang; Tsinghua University
         Ramachandran Vaidyanathan; Louisiana State University
         Jian Yuan; Tsinghua University
         Xiqin Wang; Tsinghua University
Fr-AM2-7.5: Strong Data Processing Inequalities in Power-Constrained Gaussian Channels
         Flavio P. Calmon; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Yury Polyanskiy; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Yihong Wu; University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign