Th-AM2-8: Topics in Compressed Sensing

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Thursday, June 18, 11:30 - 12:50
Location: S228 (L2)
Session Chair: Volkan Cevher, EPFL
Th-AM2-8.1: Replica Symmetric Bound for Restricted Isometry Constant
         Ayaka Sakata; Institute of Statistical Mathematics
         Yoshiyuki Kabashima; Tokyo Institute of Technology
Th-AM2-8.2: Generalized Vandermonde Decomposition and its use for Multi-Dimensional Super-Resolution
         Zai Yang; Nanyang Technological University
         Lihua Xie; Nanyang Technological University
         Petre Stoica; Uppsala University
Th-AM2-8.3: Capacity-Achieving Sparse Regression Codes via Approximate Message Passing Decoding
         Cynthia Rush; Yale University
         Adam Greig; University of Cambridge
         Ramji Venkataramanan; University of Cambridge
Th-AM2-8.4: Asymptotically Exact Error Analysis for the Generalized $\ell_2^2$-LASSO
         Christos Thrampoulidis; California Institute of Technology
         Ashkan Panahi; Chalmers University of Technology
         Babak Hassibi; California Institute of Technology