Fr-PM1-9: Topics in Wireless Networks

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Friday, June 19, 14:40 - 16:20
Location: S226 (L2)
Session Chair: Piyush Gupta, Qualcomm New Jersey Research Center
Fr-PM1-9.1: Stability Analysis of Static Poisson Networks
         Yi Zhong; University of Science and Technology of China
         Wenyi Zhang; University of Science and Technology of China
         Martin Haenggi; University of Notre Dame
Fr-PM1-9.2: User-Centric Interference Nulling in Downlink Multi-Antenna Heterogeneous Networks
         Yueping Wu; Imperial College London
         Ying Cui; Shanghai Jiao Tong University
         Bruno Clerckx; Imperial College London and Korea University
Fr-PM1-9.3: Distributed Rate and Power Control in DSRC
         Jubin Jose; Qualcomm
         Chong Li; Qualcomm
         Xinzhou Wu; Qualcomm
         Lei Ying; Arizona State University
         Kai Zhu; Arizona State University
Fr-PM1-9.4: Grouping Based Blind Interference Alignment for K-User MISO Interference Channels
         Heecheol Yang; Seoul National University
         Wonjae Shin; Seoul National University
         Jungwoo Lee; Seoul National University
Fr-PM1-9.5: Matching Alignment
         Michael Farag; Boston University
         Bobak Nazer; Boston University