Fr-AM2-1: Algebraic Codes

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Friday, June 19, 11:10 - 12:50
Location: S427 (L4)
Session Chair: Udaya Parampalli, University of Melbourne
Fr-AM2-1.1: On the Minimum Distance of Elliptic Curve Codes
         Jiyou Li; Shanghai Jiao Tong University
         Daqing Wan; University of California, Irvine
         Jun Zhang; Capital Normal University
Fr-AM2-1.2: Decoding of Interleaved Reed-Solomon Codes via Simultaneous Partial Inverses
         Jiun-Hung Yu; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
         Hans-Andrea Loeliger; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Fr-AM2-1.3: Information Sets of Multiplicity Codes
         Daniel Augot; INRIA and LIX
         Françoise Levy-dit-Vehel; ENSTA and INRIA
         Cuong Ngô; INRIA and LIX
Fr-AM2-1.4: On the Separating Redundancy of Extended Hamming Codes
         Haiyang Liu; Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
         Daeyeoul Kim; National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
         Yan Li; China Agricultural University
         Aaron Z. Jia; University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Fr-AM2-1.5: On the Maximum True Burst Correcting Capability of Primitive Fire Codes
         Wei Zhou; University of California, Davis
         Shu Lin; University of California, Davis
         Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar; University of California, Davis