Tu-PM1-4: Quantum Codes

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Tuesday, June 16, 15:00 - 16:40
Location: S426 (L4)
Session Chair: Marco Dalai, University of Brescia
Tu-PM1-4.1: Holographic Transformation, Belief Propagation and Loop Calculus for Generalized Probabilistic Theories
         Ryuhei Mori; Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tu-PM1-4.2: Quantum MDS Codes over Small Fields
         Markus Grassl; Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg
         Martin Roetteler; Microsoft Research
Tu-PM1-4.3: Equivalence of 2D Color Codes (without Translational Symmetry) to Surface Codes
         Arjun Bhagoji; Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
         Pradeep Sarvepalli; Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Tu-PM1-4.4: Global Stabilizer Quantum Error Correction with Combinatorial Arrays
         Yuichiro Fujiwara; California Institute of Technology
Tu-PM1-4.5: Leakage Suppression in the Toric Code
         Martin Suchara; IBM
         Andrew Cross; IBM
         Jay Gambetta; IBM