Mo-AM2-1: Algebra for Coding

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Monday, June 15, 11:30 - 12:50
Location: S427 (L4)
Session Chair: Tor Helleseth, University of Bergen
Mo-AM2-1.1: A Robust Chinese Remainder Theorem with Applications in Error Correction Coding
         Li Xiao; University of Delaware
         Xiang-Gen Xia; Xidian University; also University of Delaware
Mo-AM2-1.2: On Involutions of Finite Fields
         Charpin Pascale; INRIA
         Sihem Mesnager; University of Paris 8
         Sumanta Sarkar; Indian Statistical Institute
Mo-AM2-1.3: On the Volume of a Metric Ball in Unitary Group
         Lu Wei; University of Helsinki
         Renaud-Alexandre Pitaval; Aalto University
         Jukka Corander; University of Helsinki
         Olav Tirkkonen; Aalto University
Mo-AM2-1.4: Linear Independence of Rank 1 Matrices and the Dimension of *-Products of Codes
         Hugues Randriambololona; Telecom ParisTech