Mo-AM1-4: Topics in Coding and Information Theory

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Monday, June 15, 09:50 - 11:10
Location: S426 (L4)
Session Chair: Deniz Gunduz, Imperial College London
Mo-AM1-4.1: Anytime Capacity of Markov Channels
         Paolo Minero; University of Notre Dame
         Massimo Franceschetti; University of California, San Diego
Mo-AM1-4.2: Learning Immune-Defectives Graph Through Group Tests
         Abhinav Ganesan; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
         Sidharth Jaggi; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
         Venkatesh Saligrama; Boston University
Mo-AM1-4.3: Blind Identification of an Unknown Interleaved Convolutional Code
         Audrey Tixier; INRIA
Mo-AM1-4.4: Delay Limited Transmission of a Uniform Source over an AWGN Channel
         Morteza Varasteh; Imperial College London
         Deniz Gündüz; Imperial College London
         Ertem Tuncel; University of California