Fr-PM1-5: Energy Harvesting in Fading and Multiuser Channels

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Friday, June 19, 14:40 - 16:20
Location: S223 (L2)
Session Chair: Aylin Yener, Pennsylvania State University
Fr-PM1-5.1: Energy-Subchannel Allocation for Energy Harvesting Nodes in Frequency-Selective Channels
         Zhe Wang; Columbia University
         Xiaodong Wang; Columbia University
         Vaneet Aggarwal; Columbia University
Fr-PM1-5.2: Energy-Bandwidth Allocation in Multiple Orthogonal Broadcast Channels with Energy Harvesting
         Zhe Wang; Columbia University
         Vaneet Aggarwal; Purdue University
         Xiaodong Wang; Columbia University
Fr-PM1-5.3: The Binary Energy Harvesting Channel with On-Off Fading
         Omur Ozel; University of Maryland
         Kaya Tutuncuoglu; Pennsylvania State University
         Sennur Ulukus; University of Maryland
         Aylin Yener; Pennsylvania State University
Fr-PM1-5.4: Online Throughput Maximization in an Energy Harvesting Multiple Access Channel with Fading
         Jing Yang; University of Arkansas
         Jingxian Wu; University of Arkansas
Fr-PM1-5.5: Energy Harvesting Cooperative Diamond Channel
         Berk Gurakan; University of Maryland
         Sennur Ulukus; University of Maryland