Fr-PM1-8: Message Passing and Hypothesis Testing

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Friday, June 19, 14:40 - 16:20
Location: S228 (L2)
Session Chair: Ramji Venkataramanan, Cambridge University
Fr-PM1-8.1: Bitwise MAP Estimation for Group Testing based on Holographic Transformation
         Tadashi Wadayama; Nagoya Institute of Technology
         Taisuke Izumi; Nagoya Institute of Technology
         Kazushi Mimura; Hiroshima City University
Fr-PM1-8.2: Distributed Testing with Zero-Rate Compression
         Wenwen Zhao; Worcester Polytechnic Institute
         Lifeng Lai; Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Fr-PM1-8.3: On the Necessity of Binning for the Distributed Hypothesis Testing Problem
         Gil Katz; Supelec
         Pablo Piantanida; Supelec
         Romain Couillet; Supelec
         Mérouane Debbah; Supelec
Fr-PM1-8.4: Performance Degradation of AMP for Small-Sized Problems
         Arise Kuriya; Kyoto University
         Toshiyuki Tanaka; Kyoto University
Fr-PM1-8.5: S-AMP for Non-linear Observation Models
         Burak Çakmak; Aalborg University
         Ole Winther; Technical University of Denmark
         Bernard Fleury; Aalborg University