Tu-PM2-3: On Polarization and Polar Code Construction

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Tuesday, June 16, 17:00 - 18:20
Location: S428 (L4)
Session Chair: Alexander Vardy, University of California, San Diego
Tu-PM2-3.1: Cyclic Polar Codes
         Narayanan Rengaswamy; Texas A&M University
         Henry D. Pfister; Duke University
Tu-PM2-3.2: RCA Analysis of the Polar Codes and the use of Feedback to Aid Polarization at Short Blocklengths
         Kasra Vakilinia; University of California, Los Angeles
         Dariush Divsalar; Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
         Richard D. Wesel; University of California, Los Angeles
Tu-PM2-3.3: On the Construction of Polar Codes for Channels with Moderate Input Alphabet Sizes
         Ido Tal; Technion - Israel Institute of Technology