Fr-PM2-9: Topics in Wireless Communiction

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Friday, June 19, 16:40 - 18:00
Location: S226 (L2)
Session Chair: Roy Yates, Rutgers University
Fr-PM2-9.1: On Unequal Missing Protection of the Grouping of RFID Tags
         Yi-Sheng Su; Chang Jung Christian Univ.
         Chung-Hsuan Wang; National Chiao Tung University
         Huei-Yun Siao; National Chiao Tung University
Fr-PM2-9.2: Improving Degrees of Freedom of Wireless Channels using Superdirectivity
         Wonseok Jeon; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
         Sae-Young Chung; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Fr-PM2-9.3: Improved Information Rates for Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation
         Alfonso Martinez; Universitat Pompeu Fabra
         Li Peng; University of Cambridge
         Alex Alvarado; University College London
         Albert Guillén i Fàbregas; Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Fr-PM2-9.4: Lazy is Timely: Status Updates by an Energy Harvesting Source
         Roy Yates; Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey