Mo-PM2-6: Key Generation and Distribution

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Monday, June 15, 16:40 - 18:20
Location: S425 (L4)
Session Chair: Pablo Piantanida, Supelec
Mo-PM2-6.1: Secret Key Generation with One Communicator and a One-Shot Converse via Hypercontractivity
         Jingbo Liu; Princeton University
         Paul Cuff; Princeton University
         Sergio VerdĂș; Princeton University
Mo-PM2-6.2: Two-Key Generation for a Cellular Model with a Helper
         Huishuai Zhang; Syracuse University
         Yingbin Liang; Syracuse University
         Lifeng Lai; Worcester Polytechnic Institute
         Shlomo Shamai; Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Mo-PM2-6.3: On the Simulatability Condition in Key Generation Over a Non-authenticated Public Channel
         Wenwen Tu; Worcester Polytechnic Institute
         Lifeng Lai; Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mo-PM2-6.4: Constructions of Symmetric-Key Encryption with Guessing Secrecy
         Mitsugu Iwamoto; The University of Electro-Communications
         Junji Shikata; Yokohama National University
Mo-PM2-6.5: An Information Reconciliation Protocol for Secret-Key Agreement with Small Leakage
         Christoph Pacher; AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
         Philipp Grabenweger; AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
         Jesus Martinez-Mateo; Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
         Vicente Martin; Universidad Politecnica de Madrid