Fr-AM2-6: Security and Channels

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Friday, June 19, 11:10 - 12:50
Location: S425 (L4)
Session Chair: Yuval Kochman, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv
Fr-AM2-6.1: Optimal Strategies for Side-Channel Leakage in FCFS Packet Schedulers
         Saurabh Shintre; Carnegie Mellon University
         Virgil Gligor; Carnegie Mellon University
         João Barros; University of Porto
Fr-AM2-6.2: Joint Source-Channel Secrecy Using Hybrid Coding
         Eva Song; Princeton University
         Paul Cuff; Princeton University
         H. Vincent Poor; Princeton University
Fr-AM2-6.3: Limits of Low-Probability-of-Detection Communication over a Discrete Memoryless Channel
         Ligong Wang; CNRS
         Gregory W. Wornell; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Lizhong Zheng; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fr-AM2-6.4: Coding Against a Limited-View Adversary: The Effect of Causality and Feedback
         Qiaosheng Zhang; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
         Swanand Kadhe; Texas A&M University
         Mayank Bakshi; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
         Sidharth Jaggi; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
         Alex Sprintson; Texas A&M University
Fr-AM2-6.5: A Channel Resolvability Perspective on Stealth Communications
         Matthieu Bloch; Georgia Institute of Technology