Th-PM2-2: Gaussian Relay Networks

Session Type: Lecture
Time: Thursday, June 18, 16:20 - 17:20
Location: S224-225 (L2)
Session Chair: Thomas Courtade, University of California, Berkeley
Th-PM2-2.1: Optimality of Gaussian Fronthaul Compression for Uplink MIMO Cloud Radio Access Networks
         Yuhan Zhou; University of Toronto
         Yinfei Xu; Southeast University
         Jun Chen; McMaster University
         Wei Yu; University of Toronto
Th-PM2-2.2: On the Achievable Rates of Multihop Virtual Full-Duplex Relay Channels
         Songnam Hong; Ericsson Research
         Ivana Maric; Ericsson Research
         Dennis Hui; Ericsson Research
         Giuseppe Caire; Technical University of Berlin
Th-PM2-2.3: Approximate Capacity of Gaussian Relay Networks: Is a Sublinear Gap to the Cutset Bound Plausible?
         Thomas Courtade; University of California, Berkeley
         Ayfer Özgür; Stanford University