Panel Sessions

One of the workshop goals this year is to increase the interaction and active participation from the community and participants. Towards this goal, we will host the following panel sessions.

If there are any specific questions that you would like the panel sessions to address, please enter your questions/comments in this brief survey.

Panel 1. "Machine learning and big data in SLT: past, current, and the future"

Monday, Dec 8, 14:00-15:30

Room: Emerald A-B

In this panel, panelists are going to share their views about research on machine learning and big data for spoken language technology, including lessons learning from the past/current research, as well as future research directions.

Panel 2. "Next generation SLT scientists and engineers"

Tuesday, Dec 9, 14:00-15:30

Room: Emerald A-B

This panel will focus on student recruitment, retention, development, and career success. Panelists from academia and industry will discuss how to advance the excellence of next generation researchers in speech and language processing.