Author Guidelines

Proceedings Papers

  • Full-length manuscripts for the MicroRad 2014 proceedings are due by April 21, 2014.
  • Only papers submitted, registered and presented at the conference will be included in the proceedings.
  • These full-length articles will be reviewed by the technical committee and published in the IEEE Xplore as part of the conference proceedings.
  • Manuscripts are to be submitted electronically on the MicroRad 2014 website.
  • Submissions must be between a minimum of 2 pages and maximum of 6 pages long.
  • Work must be submitted in either PostScript (PS) or Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) format with all fonts embedded.
  • Detailed specifications for the manuscript content and format, and document templates are provided on this website in the Format and Templates section.

Guidelines for Presentations

Presenting authors must register in advance, by the deadline of February 21, 2014.

Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation will last 20 minutes comprising 15 minutes for the oral presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

Presenters should load their presentation onto the computer at the lectern on the stage. Caltech staff will be available to assist. Presentations before lunch should be loaded prior to the first session of the day. Presentations after lunch can be loaded in the morning or during the lunch break.

Poster Presentations

Each poster will be allocated a separate panel that has 36 inches tall by 80 inches wide of useable space. We will have two poster sessions, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Authors are requested to attend their poster during the official Poster Session time. Posters can also be viewed informally during the coffee breaks. Authors in the Tuesday session are asked to hang their posters by Monday afternoon and remove them by Wednesday morning. Authors in the Wednesday session are asked to hang them by lunch time on Wednesday and remove them by Thursday afternoon. Material for mounting the posters will be available at the registration desk.

For those wishing to print their poster at the conference, one option would be to use FedEx-Kinkos which has several locations near the conference venue:

Following the tradition of MicroRad, the best posters will receive a prize. A specific committee is be responsible for the evaluation.