Technical Program

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Location: Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
Monday, July 11
17:20 - 19:00
MOP.P1: Aperture Synthesis Radiometry Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P2: Building Features Detection Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P3: Classification of Hyperspectral Image I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P4: Classification of Hyperspectral Image II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P5: Clouds and Precipitation Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P6: Clouds and Precipitation: Ground-based Sensing Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P7: Clouds and Precipitation: Satellite Remote Sensing I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P8: Clouds and Precipitation: Satellite Remote Sensing II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P9: Clouds and Precipitation: TRMM/GPM Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P10: Data Management and Systems I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P11: Data Management and Systems II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P12: Detection with High Resolution Images Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P13: Disaster and Anomaly Detection Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P14: Feature Extraction and Detection Algorithm I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P15: Forest Monitoring by Radar and Lidar Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P16: High Resolution Images Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P17: Land Cover Mapping Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P18: Land Targets Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P19: Microwave and Optical Calibration Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P20: Microwave Radiometer Calibration and Emerging Techniques Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P21: Microwave Radiometry Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P22: Multi-source Images Fusion and Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P23: Object Detection and Recognition with SAR Images Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P24: Region Based Image Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P25: Remote Sensing Data and Policy Decisions Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P26: SAR and Sonar Image Analysis and Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P27: SAR Imaging Techniques I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P28: SAR Imaging Techniques II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P29: SAR Imaging Techniques III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P30: SAR Imaging Techniques IV Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P31: SAR Imaging Techniques IX Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P32: SAR Imaging Techniques V Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P33: SAR Imaging Techniques VI Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P34: SAR Imaging Techniques VII Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P35: SAR Imaging Techniques VIII Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P36: Satellite Missions Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P37: Ship Detection Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P38: Urban Targets and Roads Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P39: Vegetation Monitoring by MODIS Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P40: Vegetation Monitoring I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P41: Vegetation Monitoring II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P42: Vegetation Monitoring III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
MOP.P43: Vehicle and Aircraft Detection Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
Tuesday, July 12
17:20 - 19:00
TUP.P1: Aerial Images Analysis and Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P2: Analysis of Image Time Series Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P3: Analysis of Multitemporal Optical Images Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P4: Analysis of Multitemporal SAR Images Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P5: Analysis of Multi-view Data Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P6: Change Detection Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P7: Classification and Data Mining Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P8: Classification of Hyperspectral Image III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P9: Classification of Hyperspectral Image IV Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P10: Coastal Zones I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P11: Coastal Zones II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P12: Data Fusion Applications: Vegetation Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P13: Data Fusion Techniques: Active / Passive Sensor Fusion Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P14: Data Fusion Techniques: Denoising, Compression and Registration Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P15: Data Fusion Techniques: Optical Sensors Fusion Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P16: Data Fusion Techniques: Pansharpening and Superresolution Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P17: Deep, Semi-supervised, and Ensemble Learning for Image Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P18: Electromagnetic Theory III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P19: Electromagnetic theory: Radar and Optical Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P20: Electromagnetic Theory: Sea, Soil, and Planets Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P21: Feature Extraction and Reduction VI Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P22: Feature Extraction and Reduction VII Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P23: Feature Extraction and Reduction VIII Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P24: Hyperspectral Imagery Band Selection Dimensionality Reduction Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P25: Image Analysis and Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P26: Image and Feature Match Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P27: Land and Water Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P28: Multitemporal Analysis Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P29: Multitemporal Analysis Urban Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P30: Multitemporal InSAR Analysis Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P31: Noise Reduction Techniques Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P32: Optical Sensors and Calibration I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P33: Optical Sensors and Calibration II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P34: Passive Microwave Soil Moisture II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P35: Passive Microwave Soil Moisture III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P36: Passive Optical Applications & Sensors Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P37: Radar Soil Moisture II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P38: Remote Sensing Images Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P39: SMAP Soil Moisture II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P40: Soil Properties I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P41: Soil Properties II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P42: Spectral Analysis and Feature Extraction Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
TUP.P43: Vegetation and Tree Remote Sensing Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
Wednesday, July 13
17:20 - 19:00
WEP.P1: Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P2: Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry IV Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P3: Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry V Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P4: Air Pollution Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P5: Atmospheric Sounding Algorithms Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P6: Atmospheric Sounding Sensors Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P7: Bistatic and Digital Beamforming SAR II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P8: Disaster Assessment Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P9: Droughts Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P10: Earthquake Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P11: Estimation and Regression Applications: Denoising Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P12: Estimation and Regression Applications: Land Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P13: Estimation and Regression Applications: Soil Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P14: Estimation and Regression Applications: Vegetation Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P15: Estimation and Regression Techniques Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P16: Floods Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P17: Forests and Vegetation II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P18: Forests and Vegetation III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P19: Geographic Information Science I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P20: Geographic Information Science II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P21: Hazards and Disasters Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P22: Land Cover Dynamics Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P23: Land Use Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P24: Lidar Systems and Techniques Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P25: Ocean Altimetry Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P26: Ocean Biology and Water Quality Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P27: Ocean Surface Winds I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P28: Ocean Surface Winds II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P29: Ocean Temperature and Salinity Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P30: Ocean Waves and Currents Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P31: Physical Information Extraction in SAR Polarimetry Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P32: POL and POLInSAR III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P33: POL and POLInSAR IV Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P34: POL and POLInSAR V Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P35: Radar Remote Sensing Missions I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P36: Radar Remote Sensing Missions II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P37: Recent Advances in GNSS-R Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P38: Sea Ice I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P39: Sea Ice II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P40: Snow Cover and Frozen/Thaw Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P41: Snow Cover II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P42: Snow Cover III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P43: Subsidence and Landslip Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
WEP.P44: Theoretical Aspects of SAR Polarimetry Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
Thursday, July 14
17:20 - 19:00
THP.P1: Hyperspectral Target Detection Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P2: Agricultural Parameters Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P3: Big Data in Geoscience Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P4: Computational Techniques in Agriculture Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P5: Differential SAR Interferometry I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P6: Differential SAR Interferometry II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P7: Differential SAR Interferometry III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P8: Differential SAR Interferometry IV Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P9: Digital Terrain Models Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P10: Geological Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P11: Global Change Study Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P12: Ground Based GNSS and Optical Sensing Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P13: Ground Based Radar and Optical Systems Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P14: Hyperspectral Data Processing and Analysis Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P15: Ice Sheets and Glaciers I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P16: Ice Sheets and Glaciers II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P17: Information Extraction Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P18: Inland Waters Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P19: Interdisciplinary Topics I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P20: Interdisciplinary Topics II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P21: Remote Sensing for Agricultural Hydrology Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P22: Remote Sensing for Crop Yield and Classification Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P23: Remote Sensing Image Segmentation I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P24: Remote Sensing Image Segmentation II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P25: Remote Sensing in Mining Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P26: Remote Sensing of Crop Diseases and Nutrients Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P27: SAR Data Processing and Target Detection Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P28: SAR Interferometry I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P29: SAR Interferometry II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P30: SAR Interferometry III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P31: SAR Processing and Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P32: Spectral Processing and Applications Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P33: Spectral Unmixing Techniques I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P34: Spectral Unmixing Techniques II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P35: Subsurface Sensing Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P36: Target Detection from SAR Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P37: Tomography and 3D Mapping I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P38: Tomography and 3D Mapping II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P39: UAV Systems and Sensors Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P40: Urban Applications I Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P41: Urban Applications II Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P42: Urban Applications III Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area
THP.P43: Wetland and Inland Water Third Floor, South Hall, Poster Area