Conference Topics

Standard IGARSS Themes

The technical program will account for the following themes:

AData Analysis Methods (Optical, Multispectral,Hyperspectral, SAR)
A.1Electromagnetic Modelling
A.2SAR Interferometry: Along and Across
A.3Differential SAR Interferometry
A.4SAR Imaging Techniques
A.6Bistatic and digital beamforming SAR
A.7Tomography and 3D mapping
A.8Subsurface Sensing / Ground Penetrating Radar
A.9Feature Extraction and Reduction
A.10Image Segmentation
A.11Object Detection and Recognition
A.12Classification and Clustering
A.13Estimation and Regression
A.14Change Detection and Multi-Temporal Analysis
A.15Target Detection and Unmixing
A.16Image and Data Fusion
A.17Geographic Information Science
C.1Snow Cover
C.2Ice Sheets and Glaciers
C.3Sea Ice
DData Management and Education
D.1Data Management and Systems
D.2Remote Sensing Data and Policy Decisions
D.3Education and Remote Sensing
LLand Applications
L.1Land Use Applications
L.2Land Cover Dynamics
L.3Forest and Vegetation: Application and Modelling
L.4Forest and Vegetation: Biomass and Carbon Cycle
L.6Urban and Built Environment
L.7Topography, Geology and Geomorphology
L.8Soils and Soil Moisture
L.10Inland Waters
MAtmosphere Applications
M.1Precipitation and Clouds
M.2Numerical Weather Prediction and Data Assimilation
M.3Atmospheric Sounding
M.4Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry
OOcean Applications
O.1Ocean Biology (Color) and Water Quality
O.2Ocean Surface Winds and Currents
O.3Ocean Temperature and Salinity
O.4Coastal Zones
O.5Ocean Altimetry
SMission, Sensors and Calibration
S.1Satellite Missions
S.2Small Satellite Technology
S.3SAR Instrument and Calibration
S.4Scatterometer, Cloude and Rain Radar
S.5Microwave Radiometer Instruments and Calibration
S.6GNSS-R Sensors
S.7Lidar Sensors
S.8Passive Optical, Hyperspectral Sensors and Calibration
S.9UAV and Airborne Platforms
S.10Ground based Systems

Special Themes

In addition special scientific themes will be addressed, including:

ST1Remote Sensing: Understanding the Earth for a Safer World

Remote sensing technology and data analysis for assessing, monitoring, and managing risks related to natural disasters.

ST1.1Monitoring Natural Disaster (Subsidence, Landslides, Floods, Fires, etc.)
ST1.2Exposure and Hazard Monitoring
ST1.3Emergency Response
ST1.4Damage Mapping
ST2Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

This special theme is related to the EXPO 2015 exhibition, which will be in Milano at the time of IGARSS 2015. The goal is to address the main topics related to the use of remote sensing for food security and global crop monitoring.

ST2.1Food Security
ST2.2Global Crop Monitoring