Technical Program

Paper Detail

Session:Techniques for LiDAR, Very High Resolution and SAR Imagery
Time:Wednesday, July 29, 17:20 - 19:00
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Data Analysis Methods (Optical, Multispectral,Hyperspectral, SAR): Classification and Clustering
Title: Urban ecological land extraction from Chinese Gaofen-1 data using object-oriented classification techniques
Authors: Jinjie Meng; Peking University 
 Huazhong Ren; Peking University 
 Qiming Qin; Peking University 
 Chen Du; Peking University 
 Jianhua Wang; Peking University 
 Lian He; Peking University 
 Jing Li; Ministry of environmental protection 
 Huawei Wan; Ministry of environmental protection