Technical Program Committee

Technical Program Chair

Ljiljana Trajkovic

TPC Members

Analog Signal Processing
Wouter A. Serdijn
Igor Filanovsky
Tuna Tarim

Biomedical Circuits and Systems
Tor Sverre Lande

Blind Signal Processing
Ruey-Wen Liu

Cellular Neural Networks and Array Computing
Bertram Shi

Circuits and Systems for Communications
Magdy Bayoumi
Tony Ng
Nam Ling

Computer-Aided Network Design
Sung Kyu Lim

Digital Signal Processing
Tapio Saramäki

Graph Theory and Computing
K. Thulasiraman

Multimedia Systems and Applications
(Winston) Wai-Chi Fang
Oscar Au

Nanoelectronics and Gigascale Systems
Chin-Teng Lin

Neural Systems and Applications
H. K. Kwan

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
Gianluca Setti

Power Systems and Power Electronic Circuits
Ian A. Hiskens
Marian Kazimierczuk

Sensory Systems
Orly Yadid-Pecht

Visual Signal Processing and Communications
Tihao Chiang

VLSI Systems and Applications
Chein-Wei Jen
Mircea Stan

Invited Sessions
Majid Ahmadi
Paulo Diniz

Len T. Bruton

Mona Zaghloul

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