Poster Presentation Short Video Upload


IGARSS 2017 allows poster presenters to upload a brief, 2-3 minute video containing a brief teaser overview of the work, and inviting attendees to join in the discussion during the scheduled poster time.

Rights Retained and Transferred

The creator of the video retains the copyright. By uploading a video here, the content creator grants IEEE and IGARSS 2017 the right to store the video and distribute it to attendees and website visitors for a period of 365 days from the final day of the conference (July 28, 2017).

IEEE and IGARSS 2017 reserves the right to remove any video for any reason at any time.

The creator of the video or any authors on the paper corresponding to the uploaded video may request removal of the video at any time and for any reason.

Video File Format Requirements

Please follow these guidelines for uploaded video:

  1. MUST: Use MP4 container format, with .mp4 file extension
  2. MUST: Be smaller than 400MiB
  3. SHOULD: Be between 10 and 50MiB in file size
  4. SHOULD: Be approximately 2 minutes
  5. MUST: Be no longer than 4 minutes
  6. MUST: Use H.264 video codec and MP3 or AAC audio codec
  7. MAY: Use any frame size as long as the total encoded file size is under 400MiB

Sample Video

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