Technical Program

Paper Detail

Paper: THP1.PA.4
Session: PolSAR Classification: Techniques & Assessments
Time: Thursday, July 27, 09:40 - 10:40
Presentation:  Poster
Topic:  Data Analysis Methods (Optical, Multispectral,Hyperspectral, SAR): POL and POLInSAR
Recording:   [Overview Presentation]
Title:  Unsupervised change detection in built-up areas by multi-temporal polarimetric SAR images
Authors:  Davide Pirrone; Fondazione Bruno Kessler 
 Shaunak De; Indian Institute of Technology 
 Avik Bhattacharya; Indian Institute of Technology 
 Lorenzo Bruzzone; University of Trento 
 Francesca Bovolo; Fondazione Bruno Kessler