Student Paper Contest Finalists

Track A
Timely Updates in Distributed Computation Systems with Stragglers
Baturalp Buyukates, Sennur Ulukus

Deep Actor-Critic Learning for Distributed Power Control in Wireless Mobile Networks
Yasar Sinan Nasir, Dongning Guo

Track B
Physics-based Modeling of Large Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces for Scalable Optimization
Marzieh Najafi, Vahid Jamali, Robert Schober, Vincent H. Poor

Track C
Blind Estimation of Eigenvector Centrality from Graph Signals: Beyond Low-pass Filtering
T. Mitchell Roddenberry, Santiago Segarra

Track D
Third-order Cumulants Reconstruction from Compressive Measurements
Yanbo Wang, Zhi Tian

On Human Assisted Decision Making for Machines Using Correlated Observations
Nandan Sriranga, Baocheng Geng, Pramod Varshney

Track E
Bounds on Bearing, Symbol, and Channel Estimation Under Model Misspecification
Akshay Bondre, Touseef Ali, Christ Richmond

Track F
Optimizing Optical Compressed Sensing for Multispectral DNN-Based Image Segmentation
Yuqi Li, Yoram Bresler

Track G
LSTM Network-Assisted Belief Propagation Flip Polar Decoder
Yutai Sun, Yifei Shen, Wenqing Song, Zihao Gong, Zaichen Zhang, Xiaohu You, Chuan Zhang

Track H
A Lightweight Model for Deep Frame Prediction in Video Coding
Hyomin Choi, Ivan Bajic