Technical Program

WE3-4: Theory of Machine Learning

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Wednesday, November 4, 14:50 - 16:30
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 4
Session Chair: Shahin Shahrampour, Texas A&M University
WE3-4-1: Learning Kolmogorov Models for Binary Random Variables
         Hadi Ghauch; Telecom Paris
         Hossein Shokri Ghadikolaei; Royal Institute for Technology, KTH
         Mikael Skoglund; Royal Institute for Technology, KTH
         Carlo Fischione; Royal Institute for Technology, KTH
WE3-4-2: Successive Information Bottleneck and Applications in Deep Learning
         Yassine Yousfi; Binghamton University-SUNY
         Emrah Akyol; Binghamton University-SUNY
WE3-4-3: Separating the Effects of Batch Normalization on CNN Training Speed and Stability Using Classical Adaptive Filter Theory
         Elaina Chai; Stanford University
         Mert Pilanci; Stanford University
         Boris Murmann; Stanford University
WE3-4-4: Global Convergence of Newton Method for Empirical Risk Minimization in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
         Ting-Jui Chang; Texas A&M University
         Shahin Shahrampour; Texas A&M University
WE3-4-5: Knowing When to Stop: Joint Heterogeneous Feature Selection and Classification
         Imara Nazar; University at Albany, SUNY
         Daphney-Stavroula Zois; University at Albany, SUNY
         Charalampos Chelmis; University at Albany, SUNY