Technical Program

TU3-6: Neuroengineering and Neural Signal Processing

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Tuesday, November 3, 14:50 - 16:30
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 6
Session Chair: Laleh Najafizadeh, Rutgers University
TU3-6-1: On the Spatio-Temporo-Rhythmic Mapping of the Task-Associated Brain Functional Networks
         Ali Haddad; Rutgers University
         Laleh Najafizadeh; Rutgers University
TU3-6-2: Exact Characterization of Phase Locking in a Linear Recurrent Spiking Neural Network
         Fatemeh Koohestan-Mahalian; University of Utah
         Neil E. Cotter; University of Utah
TU3-6-3: Machine Learning Enabled Adaptive Wireless Power Transmission System for Neuroscience Study
         Hyun-Myung Woo; Texas A&M University
         Woo Seok Kim; Texas A&M University
         Sungcheol Hong; Texas A&M University
         Vivekanand Jeevakumar; University of Texas at Dallas
         Clay M. Smithhart; University of Texas at Dallas
         Theodore J. Price; University of Texas at Dallas
         Byung-Jun Yoon; Texas A&M University
         Sung Il Park; Texas A&M University
TU3-6-4: Non-invasive Deep Brain Stimulation using Electromagnetic Waves
         Fatima Ahsan; Rice University
         Taiyun Chi; Rice University
         Raymond Cho; Baylor College of Medicine
         Sameer Anil Sheth; Baylor College of Medicine
         Wayne Goodman; Baylor College of Medicine
         Behnaam Aazhang; Rice University
TU3-6-5: An end-to-end spike-based image compression architecture
         Effrosyni Doutsi; Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
         Marc Antonini; UniversitĂ© CĂ´te d'Azur
         Panagiotis Tsakalides; Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, University of Crete