Technical Program

WE3-8: Learning from Light: Where Computer Vision and Machine Learning Meets Optics and Imaging

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Wednesday, November 4, 14:50 - 16:30
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 8
Session Chair: Ashok Veeraraghavan, Rice University
WE3-8-1: Computational Imaging with Partially-known Physical Priors
         Achuta Kadambi; University of California, Los Angeles
WE3-8-2: Boosting the Performance of Plug-and-Play Priors via Denoiser Scaling
         Xiaojian Xu; Washington University in St. Louis
         Jiaming Liu; Washington University in St. Louis
         Yu Sun; Washington University in St. Louis
         Brendt Wohlberg; Los Alamos National Laboratory
         Ulugbek Kamilov; Washington University in St. Louis
WE3-8-3: Deep Optics: Learning Cameras and Optical Computing Systems
         Gordon Wetzstein; Stanford University
         Hayato Ikoma; Stanford University
         Christopher Metzler; Stanford University
         Yifan Peng; Stanford University
WE3-8-4: Low-budget 3D scanning and material estimation using PyTorch3D
         Oliver Cossairt; Northwestern University
         Chia-Kai Yeh; Northwestern University
         Florian Willomitzer; Northwestern University
         Marc Walton; Northwestern University
         Aggelos Katsaggelos; Northwestern University