Technical Program

TU1-7: Architectures and Arithmetic for Autonomous Sensor Modules

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Tuesday, November 3, 10:00 - 11:20
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 7
Session Chair: Stijn Wielandt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
TU1-7-1: A Local LoRa Based Network Protocol with Low Power Redundant Base Stations Enabling Remote Environmental Monitoring
         Stijn Wielandt; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
         Baptiste Dafflon; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
TU1-7-2: On Reducing Module Activities in Online Arithmetic Operations
         Milos Ercegovac; University of Californnia Los Angeles
TU1-7-3: An Architecture for Improving Variable Radix Real and Complex Division Using Recurrence Division
         James Stine; Oklahoma State University
         MiloŇ° Ercegovac; University of California, Los Angeles
         Jean-Michel Muller; CNRS-Laboratoire LIP
TU1-7-4: Adaptive Systems Benefiting Adaptive Humans
         Ali Moin; University of California, Berkeley
         Jan Rabaey; University of California, Berkeley