Technical Program

TU2-7: Positioning Energy Constraint Devices

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Tuesday, November 3, 13:00 - 14:20
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 7
Session Chairs: Klaus Witrisal, TU Graz and Erik Leitinger, TU Graz
TU2-7-1: ToF-based Indoor Positioning for Low-power IoT Nodes
         Daniel Neunteufel; TU Wien
         Andreas Fuchs; Graz University of Technology
         Holger Arthaber; TU Wien
TU2-7-2: High-Accuracy Positioning of Battery-Less Hybrid Gen2 UHF-UWB Tags
         Davide Fabbri; University of Bologna
         Nicolò Decarli; IEIIT/CNR – National Research Council
         Anna Guerra; University of Bologna
         Aldo Romani; University of Bologna
         Davide Dardari; University of Bologna
TU2-7-3: RSS-Based Localization of Low-Power IoT Devices Exploiting AoA and Range Information
         Xuhong Li; Lund University
         Erik Leitinger; Graz University of Technology
         Fredrik Tufvesson; Lund University
TU2-7-4: Energy-Neutral Devices: Can Hybrid RF-Acoustic Signals Point Them Out?
         Bert Cox; KU Leuven
         Chesney Buyle; KU Leuven
         Liesbet Van der Perre; KU Leuven
         Lieven De Strycker; KU Leuven