Technical Program

MO1-6: Network-Level Analysis and Modeling of Neural Data

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Monday, November 2, 10:00 - 11:20
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 6
Session Chair: Behtash Babadi, University of Maryland
MO1-6-1: Inferring neural dynamics during burst-suppression using a neurophysiology-inspired switching state-space model
         Gabriel Schamberg; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Sourish Chakravarty; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Taylor Baum; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Emery Brown; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MO1-6-2: The population map of changes in the spatiotemporal sensitivity of visual neurons across saccadic eye movements
         Manish Roy; University of Utah
         Amir Akbarian; University of Utah
         Behrad Noudoost; University of Utah
         Neda Nategh; University of Utah
MO1-6-3: Adaptive Frequency-domain Granger Causal Inference from Neuronal Ensemble Data
         Anuththara Rupasinghe; University of Maryland
         Shoutik Mukherjee; University of Maryland
         Behtash Babadi; University of Maryland
MO1-6-4: Time-varying graph analysis comparing speech perception in healthy and aphasic brains
         Sudha Yellapantula; Rice University
         Colin Noe; Rice University
         Simon Fischer-Baum; Rice University
         Behnaam Aazhang; Rice University