Technical Program

TU3-5: Robust Multi-Sensor Signal Processing: Challenges and Perspectives

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Tuesday, November 3, 14:50 - 16:30
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 5
Session Chairs: Mohammed Nabil El Korso, University Paris Nanterre and Eric Chaumette, ISAE-Supaero Tolouse
TU3-5-1: Robust Registration of Multi-modal Medical Images Using Huber’s Criterion
         Nora Ouzir; CentraleSupelec
         Esa Ollila; Aalto University
         Sergiy Vorobyov; Aalto University
TU3-5-2: A Mismatched Bound for Stochastic DOA Estimation
         Gerald LaMountain; Northeastern University
         Pau Closas; Northeastern University
TU3-5-3: Linearly Constrained EKF for Non Linear Estimation Applied to Three-Wheeled Vehicles
         Emir Hrustic; Isae Supaero
         Rayen Ben Abdallah; Isae Supaero
         Damien Vivet; Isae Supaero
         Eric Chaumette; Isae Supaero
TU3-5-4: Moving Target Detection for Distributed MIMO Radar under Clutter Model Mismatch
         Aboulnasr Hassanien; Wright State University
         Braham Himed; AFRL/RYMD
TU3-5-5: Bounds on Bearing, Symbol, and Channel Estimation Under Model Misspecification
         Akshay Bondre; Arizona State University
         Touseef Ali; Arizona State University
         Christ Richmond; Arizona State University