Technical Program

WE1-4: Sparsity for Nonlinear Inverse Problems

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Wednesday, November 4, 10:00 - 11:20
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 4
Session Chair: Kiryung Lee, Ohio State University
WE1-4-1: Accelerating Ill-Conditioned Low-Rank Matrix Estimation via Scaled Gradient Descent
         Tian Tong; Carnegie Mellon University
         Cong Ma; Princeton University
         Yuejie Chi; Carnegie Mellon University
WE1-4-2: Tensor-norm-based convex program and performance guarantee for subspace-constrained blind deconvolution
         Rakshith Sharma Srinivasa; Georgia Institute of Technology
         Kiryung Lee; Ohio State University
         Justin Romberg; Georgia Institute of Technology
WE1-4-3: Fast Compressive PCA and Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
         Seyedehsara Nayer; Iowa State University
         Praneeth Narayanamurthy; Iowa State University
         Namrata Vaswani; Iowa State University
WE1-4-4: Geometry and Algorithms for Differentiable Games
         Shuang Li; Colorado School of Mines
         Qiuwei Li; Colorado School of Mines
         Gongguo Tang; Colorado School of Mines
         Michael Wakin; Colorado School of Mines