Technical Program

MO3-2: Milimeter Wave Architectures and Baseband Algorithms

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Monday, November 2, 14:50 - 16:30
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 2
Session Chair: Christoph Studer, ETH Zurich
MO3-2-1: Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Testbed with Hybrid Beamforming
         MinKeun Chung; Lund University
         Liang Liu; Lund University
         Andreas Johansson; Lund University
         Martin Nilsson; Lund University
         Olof Zander; Sony Research Center Lund
         Zhinong Ying; Sony Research Center Lund
         Fredrik Tufvesson; Lund University
         Ove Edfors; Lund University
MO3-2-2: Frequency Synchronization for Low Resolution Millimeter-Wave
         Ryan Dreifuerst; University of Texas at Austin
         Robert Heath; North Carolina State University
         Mandar Kulkarni; Samsung Research America
         Jianzhong (Charlie) Zhang; Samsung Research America
MO3-2-3: Distributed Massive MIMO via all-Digital Radio Over Fiber
         Lise Aabel; Ericsson AB
         Giuseppe Durisi; Chalmers University of Technology
         Ibrahim Can Sezgin; Chalmers University of Technology
         Sven Jacobsson; Ericsson AB
         Christian Fager; Chalmers University of Technology
         Mikael Coldrey; Ericsson AB
MO3-2-4: Power Efficient Multi-Carrier Baseband Processing for 5G and 6G Wireless
         Panagiotis Skrimponis; NYU Tandon School of Engineering
         Seyed Hadi Mirfarshbafan; Cornell Tech
         Christoph Studer; Cornell Tech
         Sundeep Rangan; NYU Tandon School of Engineering