Technical Program

WE3-6: In-Band Full Duplex Communications for Future Wireless Systems

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Wednesday, November 4, 14:50 - 16:30
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 6
Session Chair: Besma Smida, University of Illinois Chicago
WE3-6-1: In-Band, Full-Duplex Self-Interference Mitigation Using Sparse Tap-Delay Models with Quantized and Power Constrained Weights
         Andrew Herschfelt; Arizona State University
         Alex Chiriyath; Arizona State University
         Alyosha Christopher Molnar; Cornell University
         David G. Landon; L3Harris
         Daniel W. Bliss; Arizona State University
WE3-6-2: Performance Comparison of Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain RF Self-Interference Cancellation in Full-Duplex Wireless Systems
         Sasank Garikapati; Columbia University
         Aditya Gaonkar; Columbia University
         Aravind Nagulu; Columbia University
         Tingjun Chen; Columbia University
         Gil Zussman; Columbia University
         Harish Krishnaswamy; Columbia University
WE3-6-3: Adaptive Cancellation of Nonlinear Self-Interference in Wireless Full-Duplex: Cascaded Spline-Interpolated Methods
         Pablo Pascual Campo; Tampere University
         Lauri Anttila; Tampere University
         Dani Korpi; Nokia Bell Labs
         Mikko Valkama; Tampere University
WE3-6-4: On the Performance of Power Splitting-Based SWIPT in Self-Energy Recycling Full-Duplex Relaying Networks
         Isabella Wanderley Gomes da Silva; Federal University of São Carlos
         Diana Pamela Moya Osorio; University of Oulu
         Edgar Eduardo Benitez Olivo; São Paulo State University
         Onel Luis Alcaraz López; University of Oulu
         Hirley Alves; University of Oulu
         Matti Latva-aho; University of Oulu
WE3-6-5: Simultaneous Data Communication and Channel Estimation in Multi-user Full Duplex MIMO Systems
         Md Atiqul Islam; University of Illinois at Chicago
         George C. Alexandropoulos; National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
         Besma Smida; University of Illinois at Chicago