Technical Program

MO3-8: Reinforcement Learning and Bandits for Communication Systems

Session Type: Virtual
Time: Monday, November 2, 14:50 - 16:30
Virtual Session: View on Virtual Platform
Location: Room 8
Session Chair: Tianyi Chen, Rensslaer Polytechnic Institute
MO3-8-1: Deep Actor-Critic Learning for Distributed Power Control in Wireless Mobile Networks
         Yasar Sinan Nasir; Northwestern University
         Dongning Guo; Northwestern University
MO3-8-2: MIMO Receive Antenna Selection via Deep Learning and Greedy Adaptation
         Cong Shen; University of Virginia
         Donghao Li; Unaffiliated
         Jing Yang; Pennsylvania State University
MO3-8-3: Cooperative perception in Vehicular Networks using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
         Mohamed K. Abdel-Aziz; University of Oulu
         Sumudu Samarakoon; University of Oulu
         Cristina Perfecto; University of the Basque Country
         Mehdi Bennis; University of Oulu
MO3-8-4: Network Performance Adaptation in Wireless Control with Reinforcement Learning
         Mark Eisen; Intel Corporation
         Arjun KG; Intel Corporation
         Amit S. Baxi; Intel Corporation
         Dave Cavalcanti; Intel Corporation