Special Sessions

ICASSP 2013 will offer the following special sessions:

Acoustic Event Detection and Scene Analysis

Organized by Mark Plumbley, Dimitris Giannoulis and Mathieu Lagrange

New types of deep neural network learning for speech recognition and related applications

Organized by Li Deng, Geoff Hinton and Brian Kingsbury

Financial Signal Processing and Electronic Trading

Organized by Ali N. Akansu and Ilya Pollak

Sparse Signal Techniques for Web Information Processing

Organized by Yuzhe Jin and Kuansan Wang

Adversarial Signal Processing

Organized by Mauro Barni and Fernando Pérez-González

Signal Processing for Chemical Sensing

Organized by Laurent Duval, Leonardo T. Duarte and Christian Jutten

Signal Processing Education in the Internet Age

Organized by Jay Unnikrishnan, Martin Vetterli and Richard Baraniuk

Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions in Signal Processing Research for Hearing Instruments

Organized by Tao Zhang and Philip Loizou