Signal Processing Letters Presentation

For the first time, authors of Signal Processing Letters papers are able to present their work in this conference. While the paper makes its way rapidly in the electronic issues of IEEE Signal Processing Letters, its authors will have the opportunity to share their fresh and compelling ideas to a live audience in our flagship conferences, ICASSP and ICIP. There is also a new award just for the letters, which will honor the best paper.

SPL papers published between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013 are eligible for this presentation opportunity.

SPL papers presented at ICASSP 2013 will not be included in the ICASSP 2013 proceedings, as they are already published in Signal Processing Letters.

Requests to present SPL work at ICASSP 2013 must be submitted by February 15, 2013. Do not submit SPL papers through the regular ICASSP 2013 paper submission process!

Submitting a presentation request will require the following information about your paper:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Complete Author List
  4. SPL Volume No.
  5. SPL Issue No.
  6. DOI Number or URL to IEEE Xplore page

To submit your presentation request, CLICK HERE.

If you have submitted a request and wish to modify/update it later, CLICK HERE TO REVISE AN EXISTING REQUEST.