Technical Program

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Sunday, April 19
13:30 - 17:00
Tutorial: T1: Genomic Data Processing: From Compression to Knowledge Mining Plaza P5
Tutorial: T2: Computational Networks: A Generalization of Deep Learning Models Plaza P1
Tutorial: T3: Random Matrices, Robust Estimation, and Applications Plaza P2
Tutorial: T4: Mixed-Integer Programming in Signal Processing and Communications Plaza P3
Tutorial: T5: Covariance Analysis and Machine Learning Methods for Electronic Trading Plaza P4
Monday, April 20
09:00 - 12:30
Tutorial: T6: Signal Processing Tools for Big Data Analytics Plaza P1
Tutorial: T7: Introduction to Signal Processing and Optimization problems in the Smart Electric Power Grid Network Plaza P4
Tutorial: T8: Auralization for Architectural Acoustics, Virtual Reality and Computer Games: from Physical to Perceptual Rendering of Dynamic Sound Scenes Mezzanine M1
Tutorial: T9: Signal Processing for Cochlear Implants Plaza P2
Tutorial: T10: Compressive Covariance Sensing Plaza P3
Tutorial: T11: Over The Horizon Radar - Fundamental Principles, Adaptive Processing, and Emerging Applications Plaza P5
13:30 - 17:00
Tutorial: T12: Convex Optimization for Big Data Plaza P1
Tutorial: T13: Adaptation, Learning, and Optimization over Networks Plaza P3
Tutorial: T14: Imaging and calibration for aperture array radio telescopes Plaza P4
Tutorial: T15: Perceptual Metrics for Image and Video Quality in a Broader Context: From Perceptual Transparency to Structural Equivalence Plaza P5
Tutorial: T16: Beyond Randomness: Sparse Signal Processing in Practice Mezzanine M1
Tutorial: T17: Adaptive Learning for Model-Based Blind Source Separation Plaza P2
15:00 - 17:00
Signal Processing Cup Mezzanine M2
18:00 - 20:00
Social Program: Welcome Reception Great Hall 3&4
Tuesday, April 21
08:30 - 09:50
Opening Ceremony & Awards Presentation Great Hall 1&2
10:10 - 11:00
Plenary: Dr. Neil Gordon - Bayesian time series methods and the search for MH370 Great Hall 1&2
11:10 - 13:10
SPCOM-L1: Heterogeneous Networks and mm-Wave Communications Mezzanine M1
AASP-L1: Microphone Array Source Localization Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L1: Sampling Theory and Signal Reconstruction Mezzanine M3
IOT-L1: Internet of Things Mezzanine M4
HLT-L1: Speech Retrieval Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L1: Passive Radar Signal Processing Techniques Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P1: Adaptive and Nonlinear Systems Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
BISP-P1: Analysis of Biomedical Signals I Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
SAM-P1: Beamforming Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IVMSP-P1: Image Feature Extraction Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P1: Robust Speech Recognition I Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
SP-P2: Speech Recognition: Deep Neural Networks Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P1: Music Analysis and Synthesis I, Signal Enhancement I Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
DISPS-P1: Error Correction Codes, FFTs and Arithmetic Operations Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
13:00 - 14:30
SPS Meeting: Ethics for authors and volunteers Session BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P8
SPS Meeting: Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing BCEC: Boulevard Level, Meeting Room B3
13:00 - 16:00
SPS Meeting: Membership Board Lunch Meeting BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M5 & M6
13:00 - 14:30
SPS Meeting: S. P. for Communications & Networking TC BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P7
SPS Meeting: Signal Processing Letters Editorial Board BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P9
SPS Meeting: Signal Processing Magazine Editorial Board BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P6
SPS Meeting: Trans. Audio, Speech & Language Proc. Ed. Bd. BCEC: Boulevard Level, Meeting Room B1
SPS Meeting: Trans. Image Processing Editorial Board BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P10
SPS Meeting: Trans. Information Forensics & Security Ed. Bd. BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P11
SPS Meeting: Trans. On Computational Imaging BCEC: Arbour Level, Meeting Room A2
SPS Meeting: Trans. On Signal and Info. Processing over Net. BCEC: Concord Level, Concord Boardroom
SPS Meeting: Trans. Signal Processing Editorial Board BCEC: Boulevard Level, Meeting Room B2
14:40 - 15:40
Plenary: Prof. Richard Baraniuk - Open Education: New Opportunities for Signal Processing Great Hall 1&2
16:00 - 18:00
SAM-L1: MIMO Radar Mezzanine M1
BISP-L1: Biomedical Image Reconstruction, Segmentation and Analysis Mezzanine M2
MLSP-L1: Machine Learning for Speech and Audio Processing Mezzanine M3
SP-L1: Speaker and Language Recognition Mezzanine M4
IVMSP-L1: Image Indexing and Retrieval Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L2: Anomaly Detection and Intent Inference Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P2: Optimization Tools Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPCOM-P1: Equalization, Demodulation and Decoding Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
IFS-P1: Data Hiding, Secure Communications and Anomaly Detection Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IVMSP-P2: Video and 3D Coding Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P3: Acoustic Modeling: Neural Networks Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
HLT-P1: Spoken Language Understanding II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P2: Source Separation I, Audio Systems Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
SPTM-P3: Sparse Modeling and Estimation Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 1 Great Hall 1&2
18:00 - 22:00
Social Program: IEEE Student Night at Tomahawk Kitchen & Bar Tomahawk Kitchen & Bar
18:00 - 19:00
SPS Meeting: Publications Board Dinner Rydges South Bank: Level 12 North
18:00 - 19:30
SPS Meeting: Standing Committee on Industry DSP Technology Rydges South Bank: Executive Boardroom
19:00 - 23:00
SPS Meeting: Publications Board Meeting Rydges South Bank: Level 12 South
Wednesday, April 22
07:00 - 08:30
SPS Meeting: Awards Board BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M5 & M6
SPS Meeting: Big Data SIG BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P6
SPS Meeting: Conference Board Executive Subcommittee BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M7 & M8
SPS Meeting: Education Committee BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P8
SPS Meeting: Joint Regional Committees Meeting BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P7
08:30 - 10:30
SAM-L2: Co-Prime Arrays Mezzanine M1
DISPS-L1: Algorithm and Architecture Co-Optimization Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L2: Dictionary Learning and Low Rank Matrix Facorization Mezzanine M3
SP-L2: Speech Synthesis I Mezzanine M4
IVMSP-L2: 3D Processing Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L3: Audio for Robots - Robots for Audio Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P4: Sampling and Reconstruction Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPCOM-P2: Resource Allocation and Interference Management Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
BISP-P2: Biomedical Image Reconstruction and Analysis Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
MMSP-P1: Multimedia & Multimodal Signal Processing I Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P4: Acoustic Modeling Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
MLSP-P1: Classification and Pattern Recognition Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P3: Microphone Array Processing I, Fingerprinting, Watermarking Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
SP-P5: Speaker Recognition I Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
Tuesday, April 22
08:30 - 10:30
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 2 Great Hall 1&2
Wednesday, April 22
09:30 - 11:30
SPS Meeting: ICASSP 2016 Organising Committee Meeting BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P7
10:50 - 12:50
BD-L1: Signal Processing for Big Data I Mezzanine M1
AASP-L2: Reverberant Signal Analysis and Decomposition for Audio and Speech Processing Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L3: Compressed Sampling Mezzanine M3
SP-L3: Speech Production and Perception Mezzanine M4
HLT-L2: Human Language Technology I Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L4: Signal Processing Challenges for the Square Kilometer Array Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P5: Signal Modeling and Estimation Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPCOM-P3: Downlink Precoding and Physical Layer Security Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
SAM-P2: Source Localization and Tracking Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IVMSP-P3: Image Analysis Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P6: Keyword Search and Retrieval Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
MLSP-P2: Clustering, Graphical and Kernel Models Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P4: Signal Enhancement II, Audio Coding Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
SPTM-P6: Signal Processing over Graphs and Networks Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 3 Great Hall 1&2
MathWorks Workshop: What’s New in MATLAB for Signal Analytics, Streaming, and Antenna-to-Bits Wireless Design? Plaza P5
13:00 - 14:30
SPS Meeting: Chapter Chairs Luncheon BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P8
SPS Meeting: Membership Services Committee BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M7 & M8
SPS Meeting: SigPort Editorial Board BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P6
SPS Meeting: Technical Directions Board BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P7
Social Program: Women in Signal Processing Luncheon Plaza Auditorium Foyer
14:20 - 15:10
Plenary: Prof. Iain Johnstone - Estimating sparse eigenstructure for high dimensional data Great Hall 1&2
15:30 - 17:30
SPCOM-L2: Massive MIMO Mezzanine M1
AASP-L3: Single-Channel Audio Source Separation Mezzanine M2
MLSP-L2: Learning Theory Mezzanine M3
SP-L4: Novel DNN modeling Mezzanine M4
IVMSP-L3: Interpolation and Super-Resolution Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L5: Theory and Application of Coherence in Signal Processing Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P7: Sparsity Aware Learning Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPTM-P8: Sparsity and Optimization Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
SAM-P3: Detection, Classification and Localization Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IVMSP-P4: Video Feature Extraction Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P7: Speech Analysis: Paralinguistics Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
HLT-P2: Human Language Technology II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P5: Music Information Retrieval I, Source Localization and Counting Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
MMSP-P2: Multimedia & Multimodal Signal Processing II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 4 Great Hall 1&2
18:00 - 20:00
SPS Meeting: AE Best Practices Discussion Rydges South Bank: Level 12 South
18:00 - 19:00
SPS Meeting: Conference Board Dinner Rydges South Bank: Podium 1
18:00 - 20:00
SPS Meeting: Industrial Relations Committee Dinner Meeting Rydges South Bank: Podium 5
19:00 - 23:00
SPS Meeting: Conference Board Meeting Rydges South Bank: Podium 3
Thursday, April 23
07:00 - 08:30
SPS Meeting: Internet of Things SIG BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P6
SPS Meeting: Strategic Investment Planning ad hoc Committee BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M7 & M8
08:30 - 10:30
SAM-L3: Compressive Sensing Mezzanine M1
BISP-L2: Processing of Bioelectrical Signals Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L4: Adaptation and Learning Mezzanine M3
SP-L5: Adaptive Deep Neural Networks Mezzanine M4
IVMSP-L4: Image Coding Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L6: Enhanced Voice Services I Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P9: Filtering, Estimation and Signal Reconstruction Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPTM-P10: Statistical Signal Processing and Estimation Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
BD-P1: Signal Processing for Big Data II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IVMSP-P5: Image Filtering, Restoration and Enhancement Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P8: Speaker Recognition II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
MLSP-P3: Applications of Machine Learning in Signal Processing Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P6: Source Separation II, Spatial Audio I Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
ED-P1: Signal Processing Education Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
10:50 - 12:50
MMSP-L1: Multimedia & Multimodal Signal Processing III Mezzanine M1
IFS-L1: Information Forensics and Security Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L5: Learning over Networks and Graphs Mezzanine M3
SP-L6: Speech Analysis Mezzanine M4
IVMSP-L5: Denoising Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L7: Digital Signal Processing for Assistive Listening Devices Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P11: Detection Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPCOM-P4: Relay and Cognitive Networks Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
SAM-P4: Microphone and Acoustic Array Processing Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
Special Session: SS-P1: Enhanced Voice Services II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P9: Speech Synthesis II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
MLSP-P4: Matrix Factorization, Deep Learning and Source Separation Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P7: Microphone Array Processing II, Audio Content Analysis Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
SAM-P5: Applications of Beamforming Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 5 Great Hall 1&2
13:00 - 14:30
SPS Meeting: Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing TC BCEC: Sky Level, Meeting Room S1
SPS Meeting: Design & Implementation of S. P. Systems TC BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M7 & M8
SPS Meeting: Machine Learning for SP TC Mtg BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P8
SPS Meeting: Sensor Array and Multichannel TC Mtg BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P6
SPS Meeting: Signal Processing Theory and Methods TC BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P7
SPS Meeting: Speech and Language Processing TC meeting BCEC: Arbour Level, Meeting Room A2
Social Program: Student Career Luncheon BCEC: Sky Level, Sky Room
13:00 - 17:00
SPS Meeting: Visibility/Executive Committee BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M5 & M6
14:20 - 15:10
Plenary: Prof. Pramod K. Varshney - Noise-Enhanced Information Systems
Denoising Noisy Signals with Noise
Great Hall 1&2
15:30 - 17:30
SAM-L4: SAM for Wireless Communications Mezzanine M1
AASP-L4: Multichannel Denoising and Dereverberation Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L6: Robust Techniques Mezzanine M3
SP-L7: Robust Speech Recognition II Mezzanine M4
MLSP-L3: Classification and Pattern Recognition Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L8: Advances in Manifold-based Signal and Information Processing Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P12: Estimation Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
BISP-P3: Biomedical Image Segmentation, Detection, Tracking and Classification Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
SAM-P6: Radar Array Processing Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IVMSP-P6: Image Formation, Representation and Quality Assessment Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P10: Speech Synthesis III Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
DISPS-P2: Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P8: Music Analysis and Synthesis II, Echo Control Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
Special Session: SS-P2: Enhanced Voice Services III Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 6 Great Hall 1&2
18:00 - 22:00
SPS Meeting: Fellow Reference Cmte. Dinner Meeting Rydges South Bank: Podium 5
19:00 - 22:00
Social Program: Conference Dinner Main Auditorium, Brisbane City Hall
Friday, April 24
08:30 - 10:30
SPCOM-L3: Networks and Distributed Optimization Mezzanine M1
AASP-L5: Music Information Extraction: Singing Voice and Music Structure Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L7: Detection and Estimation I Mezzanine M3
SP-L8: Speech Enhancement I Mezzanine M4
IVMSP-L6: Video Analysis Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L9: Cooperative Signal Processing in Heterogeneous and Multi-task Sensor Networks Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P13: Tracking Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
IDSP-P1: Industry DSP Technology Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
SAM-P7: DOA Estimation Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IFS-P2: Multimedia Encryption, Forensics, Indexing and Biometrics Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P11: Speech Recognition: Neural Networks Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
SP-P12: Robust Speech Recognition III Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P9: Spatial Audio II, Hearing Aids, Active Noise Control Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
10:00 - 11:30
SPS Meeting: TC Review Committee Meeting BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M5 & M6
10:50 - 12:50
SAM-L5: Multi-Dimensional and Tensor-Based Signal Processing Mezzanine M1
AASP-L6: Acoustic Event Detection and Classification Mezzanine M2
SPTM-L8: Performance Analysis and Bounds Mezzanine M3
SP-L9: Speaker Recognition III Mezzanine M4
IVMSP-L7: Learning Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L10: Speech Processing for Languages without Written Forms Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P14: Bayesian Techniques and Particle Filtering Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPCOM-P5: Smart Grid, Energy Management and Sensor Networks Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
BISP-P4: Analysis of Biomedical Signals II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
Special Session: SS-P3: Finite Rate of Innovation Sampling and Application Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P13: Speech Enhancement II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
HLT-P3: Language Modeling Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P10: Music Information Retrieval II, Source Separation III Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 7 Great Hall 1&2
13:00 - 14:30
SPS Meeting: ICASSP to ICASSP BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P7
SPS Meeting: Multimedia Signal Processing TC BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P6
14:20 - 15:10
Plenary: Prof. Rob Evans - Future Large Scale Power Network Control and Operation: Opportunities and Challenges Great Hall 1&2
14:30 - 15:15
SPS Meeting: Standing Cmte on Industry DSP Tech Review BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M5 & M6
15:15 - 16:00
SPS Meeting: S.P. for Communications & Networking TC Review BCEC: Mezzanine Level, Meeting Room M5 & M6
15:30 - 17:30
SP-L10: Speech Synthesis: Neural Networks Mezzanine M4
HLT-L3: Spoken Language Understanding I Plaza P1/P2
Special Session: SS-L11: Signal Processing for Assistive Hearing Devices Plaza P3/P4
SPTM-P15: Signal Processing Theory and Algorithms Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area A
SPCOM-P6: Detection and Estimation II Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area B
SAM-P8: SAM Networks Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area C
IVMSP-P7: Image and Video Segmentation and Modeling Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area D
SP-P14: Speech Analysis and Coding Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area E
MLSP-P5: Theory and Modeling Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area F
AASP-P11: Reverberation Processing, Animal Sound Analysis Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area G
SP-P15: Speech Recognition Great Hall 3&4 - Poster Area H
School of ICASSP School of ICASSP Session 8 Great Hall 1&2
17:30 - 18:30
SPS Meeting: Presentation of President Elect Candidates BCEC: Plaza Level, Meeting Room P6
SPS Meeting: BoG Appreciation Dinner ARIA Restaurant
Saturday, April 25
08:00 - 09:00
SPS Meeting: Board of Governors Breakfast Rydges South Bank: Level 12 North, Rydges
09:00 - 17:00
SPS Meeting: Board of Governors Meeting Rydges South Bank: Level 12 South, Rydges
12:00 - 13:00
SPS Meeting: Board of Governors Luncheon Rydges South Bank: Level 12 North, Rydges