Technical Program

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Location: Merrill
Monday, October 29
10:15 - 11:55
MA8b1: Wireless Communications and Wearable Devices Merrill
MA8b2: Algorithms and Architectures Merrill
MA8b3: MIMO Decoding and Channel Estimation Merrill
MA8b4: MIMO Communications and Signal Processing Merrill
13:30 - 15:10
MP8a1: Radar-Communications and Localization Merrill
MP8a2: Communication System Design Merrill
MP8a3: Communication System Analysis Merrill
MP8a4: Signal Processing for GNSS and/or Localization with Terrestrial Networks II (Invited) Merrill
Tuesday, October 30
08:15 - 09:55
TA8a1: Beamforming and Array-Based Estimation I Merrill
TA8a2: Machine Learning and Data Analytics Merrill
TA8a3: Array Processing and Multisensor Systems for Radar Merrill
10:15 - 11:55
TA8b1: Source Localization Merrill
TA8b2: Beamforming and Array-Based Estimation II Merrill
TA8b3: Signal Processing for Medical Imaging Merrill
TA8b4: Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation Merrill
13:30 - 15:10
TP8a1: Network Dynamical Systems Merrill
TP8a2: Communication Networks Merrill
TP8a3: Signal and Image Processing and Implementations Merrill
TP8a4: Autonomous Systems and Image Analysis Merrill
15:30 - 17:35
TP8b1: Physical Layer Security and Privacy Merrill
TP8b2: Adaptive Signal Processing Merrill
TP8b3: Detection, Estimation and Inference II Merrill
TP8b4: Communication Systems and Constraints Merrill
Wednesday, October 31
08:15 - 09:55
WA8a1: Sparse Signal Processing Merrill
WA8a2: Kernel Methods and Clustering Merrill
WA8a3: Machine Learning Applications Merrill
WA8a4: Robust Methods in Multi-sensor Systems Merrill