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Session:Multirate Systems for Communications
Time:Monday, May 24, 12:27 - 12:45
Presentation: Special Session Lecture
Topic: Invited Sessions: Multirate Systems for Communications
Authors: See-May Phoong; National Taiwan University 
 Kai-Yen Chang; National Taiwan University 
 Yuan-Pei Lin; National Chiao Tung University 
Abstract: Paraunitary (PU) matrices have found manyapplications. In this paper, a special class of PU matrices,namely the antipodal PU (APU) matrices, is used as precodingmatrices for OFDM systems. Both the zero-forcing and MMSEreceivers will be derived for precoded OFDM systems with APUprecoding matrices. The performance of such precoded OFDM systems will be analyzed. We will show that using a APU precoding matrix, we are able to average the noise variance in both the time and frequency domains, and this obtains time and frequency diversity. Experiments show that precoded OFDM systems with MMSE receivers have a much better bit error rate performance than the conventional OFDM system.

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