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Time:Monday, May 24, 15:27 - 15:45
Presentation: Lecture
Topic: Analog Signal Processing: RF Circuits
Authors: Aleksandar Tasic; TU Delft 
 Wouter A. Serdijn; TU Delft 
 John R. Long; TU Delft 
Abstract: The ever-increasing demands for telecom services, that require a higher cellular capacity and a higher data rate, have pushed the wireless industry towards the development of wide-band, third-generation wireless systems. On the other hand, as there is a number of applications that are comfortably served by second-generation systems, for maximum functionality, reduced cost and power consumption, the integration of both second and third generation cellular systems should be the ultimate goal. Accordingly, an adaptive 2G/3G voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is described in this paper. For the DCS1800 operation, it achieves better than –133dBc/Hz phase noise at 3MHz offset from a 1.8GHz oscillating frequency at power consumption of 6mW as well as better than –120dBc/Hz phase noise at 3MHz offset from a 2.2GHz oscillating frequency while consuming 1.5mW for the WCDMA standard. By adapting the bias current, a phase-noise tuning range (PNTR) of more than 11dB can be realized, with a factor of four reduction in power consumption.

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