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Session:Sigma-Delta Converters IV
Time:Wednesday, May 26, 11:15 - 12:45
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Analog Signal Processing: Data Converters, Sigma Delta, A/D, D/A, other Data Converters
Authors: Daniel Allen; Georgia Institute of Technology 
 Angelo Pereira; Georgia Institute of Technology 
 Paul Hasler; Georgia Institute of Technology 
Abstract: A continuous-time Σ-Δ modulator has been proposed that uses floating-gate transistors to programm the feed-forward and feedback coefficients. The G$_m$-C integrators are designed to run in subthreshold and take advantage of the floating gate circuit architecture to increase the linear range and minimize V$_{TH}$ error. A 2nd order modulator was fabricated in 0.5um CMOS with measured maximum SNR of 59.2dB, maximum SINAD of 50.27 and a DR of approximately 50dB. A modulator with an unlatched comparator was also tested and an initial investigation has begun into the asynchronous behavior of the modulator when it is without clocking.

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