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Session:Analog Circuits I
Time:Wednesday, May 26, 09:30 - 11:00
Presentation: Poster
Topic: Analog Signal Processing: Analog Signal Processing and Filtering
Authors: Peter Kiss; Agere Systems 
 Vladimir Prodanov; Agere Systems 
Abstract: The frequency-(in)dependent I/Q imbalance of analog filters is a significant contributor to the tight noise budget of high-performance wireless applications, such as 802.11a wireless LANs. This paper proposes a ''frequency-dependent'' statistical I/Q-imbalance analysis method for two-path filters, which can be configured for both low-if and zero-if architectures. A 7-pole complex band-pass ladder filter is analyzed, and it shows large image rejection ratio (rms IMR>43.7dB for 3 sigma). The same filter, but reconfigured as a pair of real low-pass filters, achieved about 13-dB less IMR. These results suggest a low-if architectural choice to combat the I/Q imbalance of two-path filters.

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