DSP/SPE 2013 Paper Review Categories

* indicates that this line can be assigned as a paper's topic.

1:Digital Signal Processing
 1.1*:Sampling and Reconstruction
 1.2*:Signal and System Modeling, Representation and Estimation
 1.3*:Detection and Classification
 1.4*:Statistical Signal Processing
 1.5*:Adaptive Signal Processing
 1.6*:Multi-dimensional signal processing
 1.7*:Nonlinear Systems and Signal Processing
 1.8*:Filter Design
 1.9*:Multirate Signal Processing
 1.12*:Emerging Areas in Signal Processing
2:Signal Processing Education
 2.1*:Signal processing education in non-traditional venues
 2.2*:Novel laboratory, computer-based, and distance teaching methods
 2.3*:Signal processing across the engineering curriculum
 2.4*:DSP curriculum issues (early/late, simulation/real-time, theory/practice)
 2.5*:DSP outreach issues
 2.6*:Industry and signal processing education: Linking academic knowledge with industrial needs
 2.7*:New technologies in signal processing education
 2.8*:Education strategies to encourage participation of women in signal processing careers